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Virtual-Real Camps for Fun, Learning, & Global Connection

TEENS: Creative and engaging leadership and life skills camps presented as synergistic games. 

CHILDREN: Educational camps using Minecraft Education and other Virtual-Real platforms (beta).

Next session of the FUSION GAME - Global Teen Party Preparation: November 13th.

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• Virtual-Real Camps • Integrative-Connection Methodology • Professional Training • Global Support for Families 


The Integrative-Connection (I-C) Methodology presents integrative core subjects using high academic global standards through fun, experiential activities woven into our creatively designed stories and adventures. Students are presented with a challenge which they resolve individually and as a group, led by our trained teachers to whom we by our credentialed and trained teachers refer as Guides. 

The focus of our methodology is on the student’s connection with oneself, peers, family, and society at large, cultivating a love of learning and a sense of belonging.

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Learning through Adventure

Our curriculum is designed by a global team of experienced and trained educators. We are currently working on a Beta (The Kainga Challenge - Virtual-Real Super Camp for 6-7 year olds) to prove our method backed by scientific research. 

GLUE Method for Professional Training

We provide professional training for teachers, counselors, and business professionals. Our GLUE Method promotes mutual responsibility and teaches positive conflict-resolution skills focusing on a collaborative approach through teamwork.

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GLUE Family Support for Families, Children and Teens

We provide a place for families to connect and receive support from counselors and educators. We use a unique, fun approach to strengthen relationships and build a strong sense of community.

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A virtual-real space situated in a virtual world, transcends the limitations of place. We identify and implement innovative technologies for education and training.

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