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Upcoming Beta for 6-7 Year Old

Who is GLUE?

Global Level Up Education (GLUE)*, is a 501c3 non-profit educational organization, is now offering a one-week Beta, GLUE Super Camp, to prove our innovative methodology to the world. We are a consortium of dedicated international professionals who are passionate about cultivating a love of learning in children. We are parents, grandparents, experienced teachers, curriculum writers, evaluators, psychologists, scientists, professors, technology, and creative arts professionals.  

*Operating name of Integral World Research Institute USA

Why are we doing a Beta?

Our focus is to bring to life our proposed educational curriculum and methodology and to gather evidence of its efficacy when compared to current educational models. We offer an educational alternative that facilitates connection among students and their families resulting in positively influencing their community and the world at-large.

The Beta is designed to evaluate and prove that students can achieve academic learning in all core subjects through uniquely designed activities where students participate individually and collaboratively in a virtual-real environment. All activities have a three-dimensional focus on a social-emotional connection with: oneself, family, peers, and friends, and society at a global level.

What are our expectations for the Beta?

After the one-week beta, our students will have gained new perspectives on how to engage better with their world, family, peers, and friends. In addition, they will learn new tools and ways of collaborating with others which will help them manage and maintain a better balance with the challenges they face in their daily life.

Who can participate?

We want to partner with parents who are motivated and open to a new educational approach that adapts to children’s innate desire to learn through exploration meanwhile building self-confidence and that builds the child’s self-confidence and instills a sense of belonging. We believe all children come with innate talents and strengths; we want to guide them along the way to help them shine their uniqueness.

What issues does the Beta solve for parents, students, and the world?

· Healthy Social-Emotional Development

· Integrative and Accelerated Academic Learning 

· Introspection, Self-Awareness, Balance

· Connection with Self, Family, Peers, Society, and their Natural Environment

· Guidance and Support to Families (before/after/during the Beta)

How are we different?

Integrative-Connection Method

Our innovative methodology combines experiential learning activities in a safe, virtual-real environment where teachers morph into guides. Our experienced global educators present the integrative core subjects through fun activities and games that focus on the student’s connection with oneself, peers, family, and society, cultivating a love of learning and a sense of belonging.

Integrative Learning through Adventures

Our students become integrative thinkers, problem solvers, and reflective learners as they participate in our creative stories and adventures. Students are presented a challenge which they resolve individually and as a group.   Three integrative core subjects are presented daily and differ daily. Music, dance/movement and creative art is infused throughout each day. The Beta is comprised of five Modules (days) that present Experiences (lessons). Families will receive fun connection activities and games tied to the day’s Experience to do as a family.

When is it?

Fall 2021

Who is eligible to participate?

Children Ages 6 -7, their parents/guardians/caretakers, and teachers that are in alignment with our methodology.

Our Vision

A world where all children have free, accessible, exceptional education leading humanity as one global family.

Our Purpose

To cultivate a love of learning and a sense of belonging among all children around the world in a fun, virtual-real environment.

Our Mission

Creating the premier international Virtual-Real educational platform for children, teens, and adults using our GLUE Method which cultivates a desire for connection through: state of the art technology, high global standards, individual and team-building skills, dedicated trained and experienced teachers, scientifically proven research, fun learning, development of capabilities through experiential and measurable life learning experiences, and ongoing support and collaboration with our global families.

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